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~ a collection from Plant Introductions, Inc.
Developers of Superior Garden Plants that Perform as Promised

Plant Introductions, Inc. (PII) breeds, evaluates and introduces new woody and herbaceous plants.  Their goal is to develop superior, colorful, ever-blooming, culturally adaptable and pest-resistant plants.  Their plants are tested and evaluated at major nurseries, public gardens, and universities nationwide to ensure they perform as promised.  The principles Jeff Beasley, Mike Dirr and Mark Griffith bring over 80 years of experience to PII.


Abelia x grandiflora 'PIIAB-I'  Golden  Fleece™
(4-5 Ft.) (Zone 6)  A newer Abelia with an upright spreading habit.  Bronze new growth matures to yellow-green.  Fall color is an orange-red  Pink buds open to white fragrant flowers.    Price includes $0.25 royalty & strap tag.     $1.05 each



'Chapel Hill Series' of Lantana 
A percentage of the royalty from the sale of these Lantana is donated to the Sweet Melissa Transplant Fund
 for Lung Transplant Patients and their  families at UNC - Chapel Hill


Lantana sp. 'Chapel Hill Yellow' PP#19,548  

Lantana sp. 'Chapel Hill Gold' PP# 21,539  

(2 Ft.) (Tender Perennial in Zone 7) Brilliant yellow flowers and dark green foliage.  A cross between 'Miss Huff' and 'New Gold'.  Has the hardiness of 'Miss Huff' and the prostrate habit of 'New Gold'.  Can be used as an annual or perennial. (72 plug trays)  Price includes $0.10 royalty & tag.   $0.70 each (2-3 Ft.) (Tender Perennial in Zone 7)  A sport found on 'Chapel Hill Yellow'.  Same wonderful foliage, growth habit and hardiness as 'Chapel Hill Yellow' but with gold flowers.  Hardier, larger flowers than 'New Gold'. (72 plug trays)
Price includes $0.10 royalty & tag.               $0.70each
A note about our Lantanas:  Do not prune dead canes until late winter/early spring.  Plant in well-drained soil or slightly raised beds.  Plant before July 1 to insure establishment and winter hardiness. 

Lantana sp. 'Apricot Sunrise' PPAF  

Lantana camera Miss Tara™

(2 Ft) (Zone 8)  Apricot-yellow flowers with a low growing spreading habit.  Price includes tag and $0.10 royalty.
                                                              $0.70 each
(3 - 4 ft) (Zone 8)  An improved 'Miss Huff' with more vibrant flower color and a more prolific bloomer.  Flwoers emerge gold and age to reddish orange and finally to pink.  Price includes $0.10 royalty and strap tag.     $0.70 each

Lantana sp. 'Sunny Side Up' PPAF

Lantana sp. 'Sunset Orange' PPAF

(15-18" x 30-36") (Tender perennial in Zone 7)  Stunning bicolored lantana.  Densely branched, mounding habit and lustrous dark green foliage.  Flowers emerge yellow and age to white with a golden-yellow eye.  Blooms from spring to fall.  A 'Chapel Hill Gold' PPAF cross. Price includes $0.10 royalty and tag.                                                   $0.70 each ( 2 - 3 Ft.) (Tender perennial in Zone 7)  Orange flowers adn dark green foliage. Tight growth habit.  Price includes strap tag and $0.10 royalty.                                           $0.70 each
Propagation with out a license is strictly forbidden on all Plant Introduction releases.

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